Why Us

A contextualized approach

When it comes to people’s behaviors, generic solutions do not yield pragmatic results, this is why at demtus our three-step approach ensures delivery of solutions that will work

Deep dive

Any project that we undertake, starts with an empathy exercise. We will deep dive into our clients industry, geographical areas of service and specific organizational culture before we design or offer any solution.

Using our stakeholders language

Building a rapport with all of our stakeholders, often simplifying terms, processes and ways of working, mitigating any biases and ensuring that “the curse of knowledge” does not influence any of our communication.

Partnership in implementation

We work with our clients to help implement all of our solutions. Being true to our value of our sustainability, we are very passionate about implementing the solutions that we deliver; debriefing assessments with actionable plans, creating solutions that will be executed using behavioral psychology and delivering learning solutions that yield a high return on investment.

Experiential methodology in our learning solutions

Not all learning interventions are created equal. While in some instances teaching works, adults learn in an array of different techniques. Adults learning is based on the humanistic conception of self-directed and autonomous learners where teachers are defined as facilitators of learning. All of our solutions are based on the concept above; we take into consideration people’s personalities, their level of energy and help them develop from the inside out, to ultimately enable them to achieve their potential and do what they are passionate about and capable of achieving.

High reliability in our assessments

We thrive on our differences. Each unique personality, different experiences and exposures can contribute greatly to our distinctiveness. The assets that diversity brings to any organization are countless - as mentioned repeatedly in several researches and studies. Nonetheless, diversity comes with challenges that present themselves in the shape of mis-communication, different perceptions in problem solving, differing values and beliefs among others. The only way to be able to build on those differences is by having high self-awareness and a very strong social compass. And the way to build those two competencies is through assessments. This is why the assessments that we offer and suggest are carefully chosen to help facilitate for people a better understanding of themselves & their teams and have more clarity on what it takes to be high performing.

Active implementation in our consulting solutions

The contrast between conceptualizing and actively implementing consulting solutions is more than simply a question of theory vs practice; it is a fundamental change from simple ideas to tangible impact. While conception is important, it is the implementation that builds the basis of genuine transformation and that is what demtus has been amassing experience in for the past 16 years. Through the use of behavioral psychology and experiential approaches we helped more than 80 organizations and consulting firms, implement transformation projects, change initiatives and process implementation.

Sustainability which will ensure a high ROI

demtus has a clear understanding that no matter what solution we offer our clients, we are highly aware and empathetic that they are investing in two major yet finite resources: time and money. In order to make the investment worthwhile, we do not focus on short-term outcomes but on sustainable growth results that ensure a high return on investment. Our reflective learning methodology, best in class assessments and practical consulting solutions that really work, are a commitment that we take extremely seriously.

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